13 Dec 2016 23:36:12
Eds where do you think its going wrong for us?

I get city where bad on the weekend bu5 the sharpness of the players was what enabled us to take advantage.

Quick tounches from mahrez, slimani etc

Do you think medny and danny can do a kante and danny ?

{Ed001's Note - losing Kante was a huge blow, as Mendy is not the same player at all, he does not have the mobility or quality of Kante, though he is a very good player. Your whole style of play was very much based around Kante, so it has left a massive gaping hole in midfield, that the rest are just unable to plug yet.

However, the big issue really is the intensity has dropped in the league. The players are just not as up for the league as they were last season, they are so concentrated on the Champions League that they are struggling to lift themselves in the league.}

1.) 14 Dec 2016
14 Dec 2016 11:17:15
Still shocked gueye wasnt bought. Like mendy but why not both, we got that polish lad for 7 mil. Should of got mendy and gueye. Esecially with all the extra games, he was second only to kante last year

Do you think it was walshy holding him back or they thought mendy was better suited ?

Personally i feel walsh left because the transfer power was maybe switching more to rani. Not a shock that his first signing was gueye over at ton.

Hopefully ndidi comes back into the fold.

{Ed001's Note - Mendy was the one they wanted but couldn't sign that lead to the move for Kante. Mendy was first choice. If they had not got Mendy, then it would have been Gueye next, hence why Walsh went and got him at Everton.}