26 Apr 2016 06:39:09
Hello Leicester fans
I'm a Celtic fan first and foremost but I've always had a soft spot for Leicester City since the days when Martin O'Neill was in charge.
I think all the 'shock', 'wow' and 'incredible' comments have already been made about your achievements this season and the support you have given your team this season has been nothing short of unbelievable. Whilst it isn't quite official just yet (fingers crossed) I believe your fairy tale is the best thing to happen to the footballing world than most of us have ever seen or will ever see. In Claudio Ranieri you have an exceptional manager. He speaks with the excitement and enthusiasm of a child and has the genuine belief than 'anything can happen' and he has mastered the art of transferring that belief to the players.
Whether the title is confirmed against Man Utd this weekend or at home against Everton is neither here nor there, the fact that it looks certain to happen is so fabulous.
Sing your hearts out folks and cherish every minute of this amazing journey. You have a fan base that every club in the country is jealous of.
Little Leicester City. who would ever have thought it could happen.

1.) 29 Apr 2016
29 Apr 2016 18:28:48
I second that! Good luck from your Celtic comrades and to do it at the Theatre of Dreams will be a dream! I'm going for 2-1 Leicester!